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Since Jesus ascended to heaven, those who follow Him have been watching and waiting for His return. Generations later, anticipation of His coming grows stronger by the day. As prophesies are fulfilled all around us, I hear a passionate sound rising. The call of an increasingly expectant Bride beckoning her Bridegroom. She knows His voice, she’s filled with His Spirit, she’s being made ready.  Four Winds is a collection of songs from my heart for this time of preparation. I invite you to progress with me through themes of the Lord’s Sovereign Voice & Dominion, Holy Spirit Outpouring, Salvation, Jesus Head of His church, Revelation Chapter 5, and Desire for our Eternal King. Crafted using only vocal, guitar and piano, I have kept the atmosphere of this record simple in delivery, while covering some very rich subjects. It is my hope that in the midst of so many messages and interpretations of our time, one voice will be clear. “The Lord will speak for Himself, the King will answer the nations. The Lamb will speak for Himself, the Lion roars over creation” Four Winds.  


Watching the Listening,


Laura Woodley Osman

Four Winds CD

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